January 18th, 2008


internets have a flavor...

How dependent are you on your internet connection? There must be a quiz for that, right? And secondarily, how dependent on the internet is your job and your efficiency. I found out yesterday. No internet all day. Since I had spent Tuesday and Wednesday with a very busy schedule - pretty much out of the office all day, all I'd done on those two days was answer urgent emails. Didn't touch anything else online. And yesterday, when I settled down to power through some work, my office had no connection. Turns out the modem needed to be replaced because the service got upgraded and the old modems didn't like the new tech. Sigh. In any case, that meant no Amazon.com (which I visit far too frequently) and no email. This morning I downloaded about 250 non-spam messages. This could take a while to sort out. I suppose the good news (for some people) is that I did a lot of reading. The "bad" news is that now I need to write the correspondence that results from that much reading. Among other things, I read all the e-queries that I had already downloaded prior. I hope to get the responses all out today. I've read 109 this week, and 1 partial requested. I've just downloaded another 55 or so....

query update and link salad (client edition)

As it's nearing the end of the day and I've gotten out replies to many queries, I thought I'd update a bit.

Queries read this week: 138
Partials requested: 7
Genres of partials requested: speculative fiction (1), mystery (3), romance (1), YA (2)


jaylake talks about writing queries (after citing the fact that he has really never used one)

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The latest in Cat vs. Monkey

Lori Avocato gives some press to the RomVets
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