January 4th, 2008


paying it forward really works

I've been waiting for C.E. Murphy to post about her new comic book deal for "Take A Chance" so I didn't steal any of her thunder. She's been far too patient waiting to announce this while the deal was worked out and the holidays were passing and so on and so forth. But she just put up today's entry on this very topic: http://mizkit.com/index.php/2008/01/04/what-catie-did-on-friday/ -- and now I can post myself.

I am so thrilled to be a part of making this happen for her as she has been working very hard on this. And it's been a fascinating process for me and a journey full of discovery - this is my first creator-owned comic book deal too! But I also want to talk about some of the history about this which spotlights something I've thought is so amazing about my list -- their support and praise for each other. In some venues, writers bicker and back-stab and are jealous, and it always pains me to see it because I think it takes away from the energy they have for creativity and the positive attitude that I feel is needed to sustain one in the competitive arena of publishing. This story highlights the latter.

When the Dabel Brothers ran into Jim Butcher back at the New York Comicon, lo these many months ago, it turned out they were big fans of the Dresden Files and really wanted to do the comic book adaptations. Eventually, that deal was nailed down and the search for an artist began. At the time, I'd also been watching Catie put in long hours of work on her comic book series and thought her artist might be a good match. I wasn't sure how receptive the Dabel Brothers would be because the artist didn't have a long list of professional credits and I knew that they had set the bar very high for the Dresden Files. But we got them some samples, including a few sketches from Catie's comic. Jim responded well, the Dabel Brothers responded well, and eventually Ardian found himself with an exclusive contract to do the art of the Dresden Files comic. Leaving Catie without an artist because he'd be unlikely to have time to do both. (This is where anyone who is an artist looking for a break needs to get in touch with Catie right away.) What has most impressed me is how thrilled Catie was for the opportunity that Jim, and then Ardian, were getting. Even though this comic book thing had been something of a dream of hers for a while. Fueled by this, I began talking with the Dabel Brothers about the possibility of them doing their very first creator-owned comic. Up until that point, they had only done adaptations of novels (e.g. George R.R. Martins, Laurell K. Hamilton). They were open to the idea and so we submitted the materials Catie had to date and today Catie is signing the contract. A contract she utterly deserves -- not just for her talent but for her generous spirit.

Congratulations Catie! I hope this proves to be fun and profitable for all involved!