December 20th, 2007


changing up the stats

Well, this morning I asked for another partial, so that's 50 for this year.

And I also signed a new client -- so that's 6. Which I think is a higher number than ususal. But I'm thrilled to say that I will now be representing Martha Wells. And I'm adding her journal to the sidebar.

Also, in comments on the last post, I was asked:

Wondering two things--one, were any of the five new clients from the
three fulls from partials? And two, would you say, based on talking with
colleagues (both your agency and elsewhere) that this is a pretty average
amount of queries to partials, partials to fulls, fulls to representation?
Thanks for the info!

Two of the partials that I upgraded to full manuscript readings became clients. Of the other four, I read three of them in full right off, and signed one on a partial. According to these stats, my query to partial percentage was .6% -- the number I see batted around most often for requests is usally more like 1-2% so I was a bit on the low side this year. I expect to be more aggressive next year, particularly in mystery/suspense/thrillers, fantasy/sf, romance/women's fiction, and YA. My partial to full percentage was also on the low side for me this year. But the number of clients signed is higher than usual. I believe in 2006 I only signed up 3. That's probably around typical for an agent with a client list my size and with my experience. Younger, hungrier agents will sometimes sign up more -- but the turnover on their lists also tends to be higher as well.