December 7th, 2007


now returning to regularly scheduled programming (I hope)

Due to technical difficulties (that @#$*# send light on the cable modem blinking and blinking no matter how many times I rebooted and checked connections) I was offline for nearly 24 hours, which included the entirety of yesterday's business hours. I even succumbed to calling tech support and going through the "helpful" automated service that had me do everything I'd already done just so I could ask a live person if they had any other ideas. Sadly, all they could do was ping my modem and say it wasn't responding and schedule a service call that wasn't going to happen until after the weekend. (That's right - an entire weekend(!!!!) with no internet.) It was so dis-orienting to my plans for the day that I was even attempting dial-up at one point (the line was always busy!).

If there is something online that I should have read, it would be ever so helpful for people to post links in comments.

One of the most interesting things, of course, was working as an agent without the Net. (ha) No email. No client websites. No posting to blogs. No reading everyone else's blogs instead of doing my paperwork. On the upside, this means I got through an awful lot of my paperwork. This also made me think about how much of my day tends to revolve around being connected to people online and what a different world I'd suddenly be living in if it went away. Peculiar. I'm not one of those types that's online 24/7 but it would seriously change my work-flow and keeping in touch with friends.

So, while I have the chance I'm waving to all my friends *waves* and then trying to answer the ton of email that was waiting patiently on my server....

unsolicited advice concerning e-queries

* If you realize your query has bad formatting after your copy and paste attempt, don't apologize for it in your letter. Fix it or send it by snailmail instead.

* Do not cc multiple agents.

* Do not send 5 megs of attachments when cc:ing multiple agents. (Actually, don't send attachments at all unless they are requested.)

* Do not resend your query every 3-4 days until you get a reply. Unless the agency in question states a turnaround time of 3-4 days. (Our response time for queries averages 3 weeks from receipt or so our official website says.)

* Do be sure to get my name right.

* It's hard to believe you can't find our submission guidelines when you are emailing to an address of info at which includes our domain name which is also a website that includes information on how to submit to our agency.