December 5th, 2007


advance reading Sharon Lee and Steve Miller's DUAINFEY

Breaking news: Baen has released an e-arc of the new fantasy novel from Sharon Lee and Steve Miller which can be purchased on Baen's website. Here's a direct link:

This is not a Liaden book but the first of a two-book story arc in a new fantasy setting.

Rebecca Beauvelley is a ruined woman.

In a moment of girlish folly, she allowed a high-flying young man to take her up in his phaeton, not realizing that he was drunk. When he dropped the ribbons, she recovered them, but could not avoid disaster.

The young man was killed. Rebecca survived, crippled, and with a reputation in tatters.

Against all expectation, her father has found someone who will marry her. Rebecca's life seems set, and she resigned to it. Then, Altimere of the Elder Fey enters her life—and everything changes.

To be published in hardcover in September 2008 but you can buy the e-arc right now.....