October 26th, 2007


one of those random query posts

Query that Traveled Furthest This Week: from Chile

Something funny: electronic queries that say they are enclosing an SASE

Something that this week made me chuckle: seeing Publish America described as a "mid-range publishing agency"

Tyop: "in the same vain as"

Things that have never happened before: Getting a query entirely written in Spanish (which was not the one from Chile)

Types of Projects Requested from queries read this week:
* YA quirky romance
* YA historical/coming-of-age
* geo-political intrigue novel
* romantic comedy

As of this morning, I have responded to all queries, both electronic and snailmail, received prior to 10/19 (whew). Allowing for sufficient time for the latter to travel from my door to yours, if you haven't gotten a response then either I didn't get your query or you didn't get my reply (and we blame the spam filter or the post office for those).