September 27th, 2007


random query things

Query that Traveled Furthest this Week: From Iran; runner up: Egypt

Surprising Sentence: "Literary agents seem to be more polite than Theatrical agents, and respond even if they are not interested. I am not used to that, so please only respond if you are interested." [quoted without permission but names withheld]

Things I Don't Represent but got a Query for: Childrens' Picture Book

Random Idea that Came up During Query Reading that I would be interested in Seeing: A fantasy novel based on the Weimar Republic

Queries That Got Submission Requests:
* romance novel with a gardening hook
* YA fantasy in the tradition of Robin McKinley
* story about a young couple's marriage as reflected through cooking
* suspense novel similar to A.S. Byatt's POSSESSION, but with music