September 5th, 2007


more on this year's new clients

After my musings last week and my attempt to come up with commonalities in this year's new clients (to date), neutronjockey suggested looking at "what key decisions originally sparked their interest in writing then later to submit to your doorstep." So, I asked them (and, with their kind permission, I'm going to paraphrase a little here)....

What led them to writing?

Author #1
* being able to work at home
* in it for the fun and the money (it's a job, too)

Author #2
* read a Ray Bradbury essay as a teenager and being already in love with books and reading, realized they also wanted to write

Author #3
* lousy at Not Writing

Why me?

Author #1
* had a friend who had signed with me and had gone from beginner to multipublished, and recommended me as hands-on
* agency has good visibility

Author #2
* knew one of my other clients and how supportive I had been to them and assisted them in getting what they wanted
* serendipity of getting an introduction
* wanted someone who would see the value in developing their talent and skill and career over the long haul and would invest themselves more personally in that work

Author #3
* loved my list and that I didn't limit myself to a specific genre
* loved my passion for my clients' work
* found my blog charming and informative
* noted that I had "damn fine taste in whiskey"

I'm not sure I can draw any concise conclusions from this either. But it's more fodder for the ever-elusive question of why this particular agent will sign a new project, I suppose.