July 16th, 2007


Thrillerfest, in review

I spent Thursday and Friday at Thrillerfest and doing other sundry things. Conveniently, this year the convention was held in New York City so I could fit in other meetings and also knew the best place near the conference hotel to take people to eat. Since I also detoured on the way out of the city to visit with Laura Anne Gilman and be on hand for her signing on Saturday, and then spent Sunday in recovery, I have not read LJ or any other blogs since Wednesday. So, if there is something I ought to see somewhere online, please let me know.

Thrillerfest was interesting and I could certainly be convinced to attend it again. I've never attended Bouchercon (I've always planned to but the timing never seems to work out for me) so I can't compare the two. Thrillerfest was also the reason I was not at RWA National in Dallas this year.

On Thursday I attended a luncheon that was supposed to be an opportunity for writers to meet editors and agents, as each table was hosted by an industry professional. I'm not sure it ran as efficiently as it could. There didn't seem to be any advance notification of which person was hosting which table, and we were supposed to switch tables at dessert but that didn't end up happening. Still, I had some fun conversations with various people who either sat at the table or stopped by and ended up with a handful of people having after-lunch drinks to converse further. (It was personally a neat thing that one of the people at my table turned out to be Gareth-Michael Skarka of HKAT fame.) The luncheon also included an auction, which might have been much improved by a catalog, or at least a list of items beforehand. There were two things that I would have been interested in bidding on myself, but they were both for Friday night and I already had plans. There was also an interview session with editors Margaret Marbury (Harlequin) and Mark Tavani (Random House). Yep, a jam-packed event. Had dinner that night with Book Cannibal and we read our respective snail-mail queries.

I started Friday off with a meeting with the director of content from audible.com. They are very interested in expanding their sf/f offerings and doing inventive download opportunities. Then had lunch at the Bryant Park Grill with client Patricia Rosemoor and step-client Marc Paoletti (first face-to-face meeting) -- they have a collaborative thriller coming out next year from Random House and Marc has his first solo novel, Scorch, coming soon. Marc used to be a licensed special effects pyrotechnician and that gets used in the book. Makes for some interesting conversation. Afterwards, I had a meeting with an editor from Harlequin. And then I tucked in one panel about psychos and scaring your readers before there was some more bar conversation (which included Oban 14).

Since I am trying to expand my list in the mystery, thriller, and suspense area, this was certainly a valuable convention for me to see and be seen at. And, now between this and Seton Hill, I am going to have quite a lot to read, so I had better get busy with what is already here.