May 17th, 2007


looking for actual content

Having realized my last three entries are posts of cover-art, I wanted to write something with actual paragraphs. But I think I have blog-block. Sometimes I wonder if I'm saying anything new or interesting. How many times can I rant about mistakes made in queries? This blog is now in its fifth year. What could I possibly say that I haven't already said? Sure, in the agent life my days are rarely all the same, but there are parts of it that move in cycles, and some of the tasks do start to seem a bit repetitive at times, just like in any job. At least I always have something new to read.

Could this be a little bit like that conundrum of coming up with a story that is fresh with a new voice but isn't so far afield as to not be accessible? I often hear at conferences editors, agents, and published authors advising everyone to be original. But it seems to me that if what they are writing is too original, then people say it's strange and not marketable. And coming up with new ideas can be so difficult, especially when Shakespeare used them all up already. I always tell people that it's not necessarily the idea, but the execution. How this story could only have been written by this particular author at this particular time in this particular way. Not too much to ask, right? Riiiight.