April 18th, 2007


queries that are stranger than fiction

Dear Miss Manners:

So, no kidding there I was.... reading queries.... (a surprising way for me to begin a story, I'm sure)

Among the many, one turned out to be a reply to a rejection I'd previously sent. In this reply I was told that the previous query was actually just a trick to see whether I answered my own mail. This new missive was the one true query though it specified that the outline I was receiving did not include the plot twists that were crucial to telling the story.

#1 - How am I supposed to feel about this attempted deception? And why on Earth (or anywhere else for that matter) would anyone think this was a good idea?

#2 - How does one write an outline to send as part of a pitch and leave out self-designated crucial bits?

Agent with Name Spelled Incorrectly, Too!