February 28th, 2007



Oh, dear. Jay and eBear finished their manuscripts on the same fookin' night. And I also received notice of shipping on Kris' revised Jani book. And I must get copies of the new Hal Duncan and Shannon K. Butcher's debut novel, which just came out. Who will still like me when my eyes have fallen out of my head from all this? (Seriously... one of the best parts about being an agent is that in order to read cool stuff, one just has to wait for it to show up. One of the tricksy things is triage. *looks forlornly at copy of Mary Gentle's Sundial in the Grave: 1610 started this weekend*)

Meanwhile, in query-land.... 50 or so got read last night, and I will only be asking for a sample from one of them. I currently have 4 requested fulls and 3 requested proposals in the not-a-client pile. Today's query mystery is this: An e-query was rejected. Three days later it was resubmitted with a new title. The rest of the query (which is quite a bit longer than one page) was exactly the same. I know I get a lot of queries and I probably won't remember them all (though I have an obscenely high retention rate), but it probably will take longer than 3 days for that to take effect (unless there is a convention that weekend). What was this person doing? I am confused. I can only see this process from my side of the fence and sometimes I just wonder...
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