January 3rd, 2007


thoughts in the shallows

Yesterday, I posted very tongue-in-cheek resolutions. (Heck, I can probably make that first one if I eat my way through the cookies pbray sent, the basket jimbutcher sent and the truffles matociquala sent, etc. etc.) I was going to write something deeply thoughtful today. But my head is spinning from having received both very disappointing news on one front and rewarding news on another front. Plus, my phone rang near-continuously all morning as I worked through some (frequently interupted) marketing (4 manuscripts out the door!), so I didn't get to contracts and correspondence until after 2pm. Ergo, little time for the thinking of deep thoughts. So far, this doesn't seem to be the year for 'em. Well, maybe tomorrow. At least this year, I'm not starting with a large backlog of contracts. Only a small one. Boy, I sure need to put a dent in the pile of manuscripts awaiting reading, though -- and I got a few (just "a few," mind you) queries while the agency was officially closed for the holidays. Well, as matociquala says "back on your heads" and maybe there will be some reading of pages tonight....
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