October 10th, 2006


more on covers from different countries

A few people commented on the links to the Anne Bishop entries on Amazon Deutschland and said they didn't like the covers. Of course, part of the reason for those links was to illustrate how different the markets are. Anne's German publisher is well-established and those editions are doing quite well. No fear, there.

Covers are one of the things it seems that authors agonize over considerably and most of them have little control, if any, on how they are designed. It's only natural. After all, in many cases, particularly if they are not a return reader, the cover is the first impression made on the potential buyer. Which makes the comments comparing the old covers and new covers for Anne's books quite relevant. It's curious to see how much the market in the U.S. has changed since the first edition of Daughter of the Blood in 1998. That, and the popularity of these books, has brought up the new covers to speak to the current market.

Here's another example of how different publishers in different countries try to appeal to their readers. Collapse )
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