September 6th, 2006


not queries

Around the agent blogosphere one seems to see quite a lot written about queries. I suppose it's really no surprise since the ratio of unpublished writers is high and the query is the first impression one makes to get in the door. And there seems to be a never-ending supply of them so there are always examples of what works and what doesn't that might make fodder for discussion. However, there seems to be precious little written about what happens thereafter. Suppose one wrote a query which successfully snagged the interest of an agent and material was requested. Suppose even further that the material engaged the agent's interest and seemed marketable, and the agent called to offer representation. The phone rings.... the writer picks up.... "Hello, this is Agent Such-and-Such from This-n-That Agency and I'd like to represent your book."

Before I expand on this myself, here's what I want to know: How might one expect the writer to respond? What do people think happens next? What should the resulting conversation cover?
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