August 23rd, 2006


really I'm just using this entry to ask for suggestions at the end

Thanks for the laughs yesterday folks. I particularly liked:

"You can see that I'm so passionate about my novel that I wrote it in my own blood!"
w/ the rejoinder
"And yet, you are still here. Quick, write a sequel. A long one."

This one was also good:
"I have an eleven hundred and eighty page pornographic novel about Shakespeare...."
since as the commenter knows I actually represent a similar book already! (sidenote: this is not quite how I would describe it myself and that page count is misleading)

And this is an intriguing offer:
Here's the deal. I'll detail your car, cook your lunches, and get your drycleaning, and you read my first fifty and tell me if they suck or not. kay?
especially since I'm such a foodie

Poor Liz.

There's probably a top 10 in there and it was certainly entertaining!

Meanwhile, I have another column coming up on Romancing the Blog and I'm stuck on ideas. So, I'll take suggestions in comments and see if anything inspires me. I have to write it by the end of the week!
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