August 2nd, 2006


Locus love and small press publications

I was absolutely thrilled to find out that I have more clients on this month's bestseller list in Locus (though my copy hasn't reached me yet). C.E. Murphy's Thunderbird Falls nabbed the #3 spot on the trade list. And Jim Butcher has copped first place on both the hardcover and mass market lists for Proven Guilty and Dead Beat, respectively. Way to go, guys!

Interesting things to discover while you're linking to books: Clarkesworld apparently does not carry Luna titles. Huh. However, they do have signed hardcovers of Dead Beat (I linked to the paperback above).

Meanwhile, elsewhere on the internets, at least one person apparently believes that small press publication might not be good for your career. I have no idea who said this or where and since I heard it from a friend of a friend who might have seen the original post, I could even be far enough down the telephone line to be mis-reporting. I'm definitely talking out of school with no reference points, but the idea caught my attention. Completely independently of that discussion, I would love to hear opinions on that issue. And if I get through this pile of marketing/editorial/correspondence (which is currently taller than my manuscript reading pile!), I will see if I still have time to offer my own. But, as a hint, I have at least one client that completely belies that theory.

ETA: Also, go read Jay Lake's The Banzai School for Famous Authors. Some good thoughts there. And ones that I would do well myself to remember.
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