July 21st, 2006


satisfaction, ever elusive

I want to mention something that just popped into my over-worked brain that writers and agents have in common. Good writers and good agents, that is.

We are never satisfied.

I have a lot of those kinds of writers on my list. They actively work to hone the craft side of their writing. And work. And work. Each book has to be better than the last one. They have forward-thinking goals. They think big. They dream big. Of course, it's a double-edged sword: everything is always about the next sale. Plateaus are hell. I have that in common with them too. And it's something to watch out for as one traverses an industry so full of pitfalls. That drive needs to be tempered on every level. Otherwise one doesn't appreciate what one has already accomplished. Which I suppose is a lesson that applies to more than just writers and agents. I should count my blessings. So, when I'm frustrated because a book I love hasn't sold yet (and why the *##!@& not!) or I'm antsy for the next offer or the submissions are a mountain that makes Kilimanjaro look more attainable or I feel (after reading a giant pile of queries where nothing clicked) that I am running in place, I need to dial that back. I should try to remember when I hadn't sold any books yet, or when the pile of paper on the floor was much, much higher (once upon a time it was). It's so easy to get stuck on these things. There are so many of those aforementioned pitfalls especially on the writer side... but on the agent one too...
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