May 30th, 2006


this just in

Hachette Book Group USA has this morning sent out a press release stating that there will be a US launch of UK-based Orbit Books to be incorporated into Little, Brown Book Group (formerly, Time Warner Book Group). In the UK they publish such authors as Robert Jordan, Laurell K. Hamilton, Terry Brooks, Iain M. Banks, Tad Williams and Trudi Caravan. The US imprint plans to publish its first titles in 2007.

I have little as yet on submissions information or whether this will have any effect on Warner's established imprint Aspect. I am hopeful that this will actually afford the US market an opportunity to expand the SF/F field.

Officially released today!

The First Betrayal by Patricia Bray (aka pbray)

Sometimes the magic inside us isn't meant to be discovered....

Orphan, exile, priest, Josan has been posted to a lighthouse on the farthest edge of the kingdom. As a member of the collegium, he once dreamed of making a real contribution to the Learned Brethren, but those dreams died after a mysterious fever shattered him, body and mind. At least that’s the story he’s been told to explain a past he can’t remember. But that past has returned…with a vengeance.

When Lady Ysobel Flordelis is shipwrecked on Josan’s island, this sets in motion an explosive destiny. The Seddonian trade liaison is traveling to Ikaria on official business, but her secret purpose is to revive the revolution brutally crushed years before. Neither Ysobel nor Josan can foresee the significance of their brief meeting. But as Ysobel navigates the elaborate court intrigues in Ikaria, Josan will be forced to leave his island exile and embark on a treacherous journey to unlock the secrets that bind his past–an act that could lead him to glory...or doom.

* * *

Patricia Bray is also the author of the Sword of Change trilogy, also from Bantam Spectra. This includes: Devlin's Luck, Devlin's Honor, and Devlin's Justice.