May 18th, 2006


A note about the friends list...

Since someone asked: Yes, you may friend me. However, it's just as likely that I won't be adding you to my reading list. I actually wish they had called it something other than a friends list. It seems to make some people feel you are unfriendly if you choose not to add them. So, how does one say this politely? Um. I don't have time to read everyone who reads me. (I don't even check LJ every day....) Ergo, I tend to pick and choose. Most of the journals I read are by clients, writers I fangirl about, colleagues in publishing, and/or my friends in RL. Occasionally when there is no paperwork on my desk and no manuscripts waiting to be read (ha!), I wander off and read blogs at large. Yes, I could set up a filter, but that would be pretty much the same deal, then, wouldn't it? So, there you have it. I'm not intending to slight anyone. I just have to be realistic. This has been a public service announcement.