March 31st, 2006


RTB plus news

My latest post on Romancing the Blog is up here. It generated from the top 10 lists about writing that have been circulating and focuses on the fact that there is so much advice available to writers, but not all of it is helpful to each writer, and indeed, can be quite confusing when it very obviously conflicts.

Meanwhile... I want to introduce you all to a new client: Rob Thurman, author of Nightlife (just released) and Moonshine (forthcoming).

"There are monsters among us. There always have been and there always will be. I've known that ever since I can remember, just like I've always known I was one . . .

. . . Well, half of one, anyway."

Welcome to the Big Apple. There's a troll under the Brooklyn Bridge, a boggle in Central Park, and a beautiful vampire in a penthouse on the Upper East Side-and that's only the beginning. Of course, most humans are oblivious to the preternatural nightlife around them, but Cal Leandros is only half-human.

CSS hates me

I have been working on and off on an updated look for my website Unfortunately, my luck with CSS is elusive and erratic so it may be a while before I get the format to do what I want it to do. However, on the off-chance that I get lucky and it all falls into place this weekend sometime, I was wondering... What is it that a writer wants to see and/or finds most valuable when they go to an agent website? Even if I get the prettiest CSS in the world, it won't do me much good without decent content. So, if anyone has any thoughts on that front, I'd love to hear them so I can consider whether that needs more work as well. Thanks.