March 14th, 2006


it takes concentration to be alone in a full bar

Ah.... the glamorous life of a literary agent. On this last Friday I had breakfast in Dublin, lunch in London, and dinner in America (with many thanks to mcurry for providing said dinner as I was completely incoherent after 18 hours of travel door-to-door, hotel-to-home). I feel so international, and not just because I just confirmed a deal for Japanese rights to one book and have offers from a German publisher for a book and from a French publisher for three books currently pending. You know, translation rights were not an area in which I got a lot of action during the first few years I was agenting, but lately it has really ramped up. I guess that might be one of the break-out points for agents, when your reputation and that of your list reaches the level where foreign publishers hear of you. And it seems like it's a domino sort of effect. I know writers have cycles of motion and plateaus in their careers, so I guess it's not surprising that agents have them as well.

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