January 4th, 2006


Happy New Year

Yesterday was my first day back at my desk after a week and a half of holiday mayhem. *whew* Though our agency was closed from the Friday before Christmas until after the New Year, I read a giant pile of manuscripts and proposals and only a very little bit of Ian R. MacLeod's The Light Ages (my current leisure reading). During this week (and quite likely part of the next week), I'll be working on the editorial letters for the client materials I read, and letter responses for the non-client submissions. I haven't even begun to open any of the mail received over the holidays....

Two years ago in January, I had six sets of contracts arrive all in the same week. Yay for LJ archives that remind you of such horrors. The ones that just arrived on my fax machine bring me up to six sets of contracts currently on my desk. Last time this happened, I lost a lot of sanity. This time I'm not starting with any. Vetting contracts is quite possibly the most difficult part of my job. There is no skimming. There is no way to cut corners or speed it up. Every bit of language must be examined in detail. Keeping up with the reading pales by comparison.

Of course, the start of the New Year isn't all legalese. I also just closed my first deal of the year!
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