October 2nd, 2005


Mirrormask, Mirrormask -- who is the most surreal girl of all?

Call me a heathen if you like, but I chose on Friday night to go see Mirrormask in Boston instead of hitting opening night of Serenity. Of course -- I don't like opening nights much. And I had the advantage of having seen Serenity at one of its preview opportunities. It's a great movie and a lot of fun and I will go see it again. However, Mirrormask, showing in only a very few cities this weekend, needs the good numbers more, or it won't get a wider release. And it deserves it. It's an absolutely gorgeous film with a compelling and surreal story that packs an unexpected emotional punch. But what else might one expect from Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean.

So, I second mcurry's notion and point you to Cory Doctorow's review of the movie.

Here's a list of where it's currently playing. Go see it today if you can.
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