August 24th, 2005


it's not you, it's me

Hey all you writers out there.... I'm curious.... under what circumstances would you decide that an agent was no longer a good match for you. Conversely, what would make you stay with an agent through thick and thin? As an agent who is very concerned with doing the best job she can, I really want to know the author's perspective on this. This query brought to you by my reluctance to part ways with a client, but the necessity with which I'm considering doing so.

p.s. My clients don't have to answer this if they feel it will incriminate them. *g* Of course, if they want to reply and tell me how wonderful I am and how they'd never ever consider leaving me because of all the great things I've been doing and how hard I work on their behalf, that's fine. Not that I'd be wanting to put words in their mouths or anything.
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