August 23rd, 2005


things I did not do on vacation

*deleting (literally) hundreds of spam to get to the real emails
*answering 32 emails from clients/editors (104 to go)
*follow-up emails to silent editor-types who should have increased above email count
*pitch for new mystery proposal and submissions for current client
*marketing plan for very exciting book by brand-new client
*had an option proposal rejected, discussed it w/ client, put it back out to market
*agency-related accounting (saved my own for later)
*tried to figure out what manuscript to read next (narrowed down to 3 at the moment)
*started reading two weeks worth of queries
*laundry... sigh...

(But that's what I've been doing since approximately this time yesterday... *whew*)

I also read no manuscripts or proposals. But I did read 3 1/2 books: Possession by A.S. Byatt, Shadows Bend by David Barbour and Richard Raleigh, and Auntie Mame by Patrick Dennis (I'm still working on Strange and Norell), ostensibly all for pleasure.
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