June 10th, 2005


I could just disappear. You cannot not reach me here.

There was a manuscript I was anticipating having for the weekend.... But I guess I won't be reading the new Dresden Files novel just yet. Rats. *peruses pile* Well... maybe a Murphy or a Bear instead (between the two of them I could save a forest - heh). Or that Snyder thing. *g* Or I could go really crazy and try to read the whole non-client subs pile. Hmm....

Meanwhile, a *wave* in jlassen's direction.... a number of people have already pointed to this. I had wondered why his LJ went away. And then there's nihilistic_kid's version. I'm remembering something that popped up in the romance blogosphere a couple months (or more) ago about an author who had her home searched because of the sorts of books she'd been ordering for research (of course, I can't find it because "romance author FBI" for a search turns up a very large number of Harlequins *g*). Writing is a dangerous business it seems.
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