May 23rd, 2005


FYI and very sad news

Just back from a conference where I had no access the internet. I'm working on getting back up to speed but let us say some of the characteristics of the accomodations left me more than short on sleep, too. I wasn't thrilled with the food much either -- not that those who know me well would be surprised by this. More on "the company of writers" at a later time.... (or it might be the topic for my next RTB post).

Among other things, I came home to some very sad news. A couple authors on my friends list have already mentioned it but I wanted to add my own note of sympathy. Author Pat York tragically and unexpectedly died over the weekend. One of my clients who has been close with her for years sent me the details. My thoughts are with her family as they face this and I hope they find strength in each other. And my thoughts are on understanding why bad things happen to good people for no apparent reason. Pat was a talented author of short stories and I was much privileged to have, at one point, reviewed some of her work on the beginnings of a full-length novel. I have no doubt that the world is a poorer place for the loss of her talent. For myself, though we were not close, I will miss her presence at many conferences and know that with the loss of her support, young writers have one less guiding light.

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