May 13th, 2005



Finally getting a chance to sit and read my May Locus. What? The month's only about half over.... Anyway, the full page ad for Dead Beat sure made me smile. Pretty.

Plus -- though I'd seen on the site that the trade edition of Balance of Trade had put in an appearance on the bestseller list (the hardcover was on there for three months!), I hadn't looked up the brick-n-mortar lists. Seems Dreams Made Flesh is on the Walden/Borders SF/F list. Yay!

And in "editorial matters" : "It's always a pleasant surprise to discover a new author. My discovery this month was Elizabeth Bear, whose first novel, Hammered (Bantam Spectra) starts out like noir adventure in a future, downtrodden Hartford, Connecticut, shifts to an advanced high-tech Toronto, and finally into space. It's crisply written and exciting. As soon as I finished it, I asked Bantam editor Anne Groell for the sequel. She sent me two! I've mostly finished Scardown, and it's just as good." - C.N. Brown

And after reading some more reviews, I can add a couple non-client books to my "Want That" list to send to Duane out at the University Bookstore in Seattle....
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