May 10th, 2005


widgets anyone?

Here's an interesting one.... I got an e-query, which is always sort of interesting because my personal website doesn't encourage them and the DMLA website says we only answer them if we're interested -- unfortunate, but necessary, because the volume of them far outweighs what we get in paper form. Though perhaps I shouldn't admit it, I'll once in a while glance through them because sometimes a client will pass on a referral that arrives via email, which is a different thing entirely in my book. But, I digress. The actual reason this one caught my eye (besides it's extraordinary length and it's complete lack of showing any research into me at all -- it's a non-fiction self-help book).... it claims to come with an offer on the table and affirms that the agent who represents them will get a full commission on this book, but -- and here's the catch -- only if they will help secure an offer for the next book within 18 months. Not impossible to do. But quite improbable to guarantee. Even if I was going to represent this sort of project, such a proviso would change my mind. And, of course, though the email goes into great detail about a great many things, including the criterion the future publisher must meet, it doesn't name the publisher. Go fig.
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