May 3rd, 2005


new bio

In high school, Jennifer read through the entire fiction section of the school library. Working as a bookseller at Waldenbooks and Forbidden Planet (London), and later joining the Donald Maass Literary Agency, ensured she'd continue to get her reading fix on a regular basis. After twelve years as an agent, she continues to build a diverse client list, which currently includes USA Today Bestseller Jim Butcher, Hugo Finalist Jay Lake, Campbell-nominee Elizabeth Bear, Romantic Times Lifetime Achievement Award-winner Donna Boyd, and RITA-finalist Shelley Bates, among others. She is somewhat indiscriminate when choosing a book by genre, but likes to believe herself particular when it comes to quality. Currently seeking both established and beginning authors of novel-length fiction, she enjoys being part of the evolution of individual books and a writer's whole career, and is always open to exploring intriguing new directions. For more information see: or

Okay.... here's what I've come up with based on the various comments received since yesterday. They actually give one precious little space for these bios, so I'm sure I didn't hit every point raised. So, if this is what you saw in the conference brochure, what would your reaction be?
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