May 2nd, 2005


let's play a new game

I didn't end up even getting 30 questions on that meme that went around last week. At this point, I've answered all the easy ones and will have to go back through the others to see if there are any essay ones I can actually do justice to. Meanwhile, I thought I'd toss something new out there....

I have to send a bio in for a conference handout. And I'm bored with the same old, same old. But I'm also feeling a bit tapped out and not coming up with anything new. So,I'm looking for some ideas. The conference in question is primarily for women's fiction, though I understand there are also a few mystery writers and probably a couple fantasy writers in the group too. I usually try to keep my target audience in mind when drafting these. I'm not sure I'll get any responses on this. It's kind of a peculiar thing to try. But I'm wondering.... if you were a writer attending a conference and actually had the time to skim the materials provided at registration, what would you want to see in an agent's bio? What information is most relevant? Which is most appealing? Which is unhelpful or unappealing? Etc., etc. Curious minds (well mine, anyway) want to know.
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