April 29th, 2005


Four more...

First I thought, the Bible, the biggest bestseller in history. But, no, not really -- so, perhaps _I'm Just Here For the Food_ because Alton Brown wrote me.

I could feel it pulling on the line, the rod almost bent double and I saw it arc out of the water as it loosed itself from the hook and plunged back to freedom and life in the wild. It was *this* big.

The GMs are often both.

Science and history, mostly, but not when I was in school. I've been intrigued by parts of _Cities in Civilization_ by Sir Peter Hall (but I've yet to finish the book).

This brings me up to 16 answers (just over halfway) after looking at the ones that came in while I was pretending to sleep soundly. Feel free to send more questions: here. Same disclaimer applies for those that end up seeming like essay questions. Basically, I'll see about getting to them later and using them as fodder.
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