April 28th, 2005


This is all her fault...

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Ask me anything.

I'll answer the thirty that interest me the most. (or less, if I get less than thirty questions)


My personal caveat: I probably shouldn't do this; time being in such short supply. But I'm intrigued to know what sorts of questions I might get. I will answer them. It just might take me a while. :)
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the first dozen answers

After some perusing, I'm reassigning blame for this questions meme to nihilistic_kid. And he has such a lovely way of answering these, which I'm going to employ myself. Just for fun. If you don't see your answer here, it's possible I might do it later. Some of these really seemed to be more essay question-ish and I'll have to work my way through them. They'll make great fodder for future entries if I'm feeling like a publishing rant, or three, but haven't any ideas. (And, yeah, how often does *that* happen?)


I don't get distracted by anyt... ooooohhhhh, shiny!

Something Asian probably. I've already dabbled in French, and had Russian and German both for several years. Though I could also go for something really, really, really ridiculously ancient.

By studying forbidden texts, reciting certain incantations, and waiting until one has lost enough san points.

Everyone has voice. It's finding someone with one that resonates that's the trick.

None of the above, it is.

Thanks for your query. I apologize for this form response but the volume of mail I receive makes it impossible to send individual replies in every case.

You only get one question.

In fiction, as in life, there are no guarantees. :)

The city or the state?

I will be an agent until I die.

In Scotland; I wasn't buying.


I'll take more questions here.
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