April 12th, 2005


read late last night

It is my desire to set out clearly my account of events, and not bother with the sillinesses indulged in by so-called authors trying to earn spurious fame. God forbid that I should ever suffer the shame of publishing a book for money, or of having one of my family so demean themselves. How can one tell who might read it? No worthy book has ever been written for gain, I think; occasionally I am forced to listen to someone reading to while away time in the evening and, on the whole, I find it all quite absurd. All those elaborate conceits and hidden meanings. Say what you mean to say, and then be silent, is my motto, and books would better--and a lot shorter--if more people listened to my advice. - Iain Pears, An Instance of the Fingerpost (p203, trade edition)
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