April 8th, 2005


busy, busy

tasks worked on today...

* filling requests from foreign reps for copies of books
* recording details of payments sent
* copying and sending unearned royalty statements
* filing (ugh)
* logging in new submissions
* a giant pile of emails
* sending info for ACN hotel research
* sorting out impossible pile of mansucripts to read over the weekend
* last night's dishes
* the last of the post-ACUS laundry
* new entries on Spice and new recipe research
* marketing two manuscripts
* more books packaged to mail overseas

today's annoying matter...
* receiving a full manuscript when only a partial was requested (at a conference)
* getting a proposal (from another attendee of that same conference) that I don't believe I asked for at all

(During those author-agent interview sessions, I keep careful notes and I jot down the name and title of anyone that I meet over a meal or in a hallway to whom I extend an invitation to submit. This isn't the first time this has happened. And I rather imagine there are many agents who wouldn't know the difference.)
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