April 6th, 2005


the heroine returns

...and I'm back. Not that everyone knew I was going away. And I expected to have more consistent access to email and voicemail while traveling. But, left Wednesday morning and arrived home late last night. More details perhaps later. After I get done staring in horror at the 40 pound box of mail that accumulated while I was gone, and figure out how many desperate emails I received after cleaning out the spam.
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just a few blessings

I'd made a note to myself a couple weeks ago to give myself permission to appreciate the good things in my life. And then life got a little too crazy-busy for a couple of weeks for me to remember I was going to do that. I've heard some bad news from a couple people today, and there've been other complications for those close to me, so I'm just going to jot a handful. Before it all gets away from me again. So...

Blessing #1: a client nominated for the Campbell Award
Blessing #2: a client nominated for the RITA Award
Blessing #3: a client nominated for the Hugo Award
Blessing #4: a 3 book offer on a 2 book proposal (!!!)
Blessing #5: two clients on this month's Locus Bestseller List

New Note to Self: Flowers smelly. Stop.
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