February 3rd, 2005


trailing behind

It's been pretty quiet in this particular corner of my universe the last couple weeks. I've been reading other people, but never quite getting around to this. Been pretty busy with reading manuscripts, hacking at my enormous email backlog, and foreign marketing. Have had a few things to celebrate, though, and don't want to forget to count my blessings.

* Did a three book deal yesterday - hurray! And very pleased that it was a relatively easy one. The other two I've had in the works have been going on for some time. One because the editor and I are apparently playing a game of chicken - for the last two weeks. And the other because it's my first overseas auction, and those take quite a while apparently. I think I see a light at the end of the tunnel for that one, though, and it will prove another milestone not just for it's auction-y-goodness, but because I think the author is about to make more on a translation deal than they did on their original U.S. deal. That's never happened before, to me anyway.

* Along with a few others have been invited to participate in Romancing the Blog. I was sure that once I agreed I wouldn't be able to think of anything to say, but it's only 300-500 words a month (you only have to do one entry per month), so I hope I can manage that.

* One of my very talented and witty clients was interviewed by Crescent Blues. I particularly like her advice for aspiring writers: Other than the usual "take it seriously, don't give up?" Be honest with yourself about what you're producing, and why you're doing it. Do it only if you must. If you can live without writing -- do so. Your mental health may be the better for it. And remember that the moment you make your first submission, you ARE a professional, and will be judged by other professionals as such. This is both terrifying, and exhilarating.

And now I've run out of tea, and think I'll need more to jump into today's pile o' paperwork....
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can't see the forest for the manuscripts

It has been a cornucopia of reading around here lately.... one of the reasons I've been so quiet. Can't. Talk. Now. Reading. *g*

I've recently finished...

The first book in a new duology by Anne Bishop. Lovely and dark, reminiscent in mood of the Blood trilogy. Yum.

A very hot story from Shannon Hollis...for Harlequin's Blaze line. It's a sequel to His Hot Number (published this last July).

Suspenseful novella from C.E. Murphy in her Walker Papers series. It's set between book #1 and book #2, if I remember correctly, and will be published in the Luna anthology Winter Moon (the other two authors in that one are Tanith Lee and Mercedes Lackey - good company).

More to come and lots of fun, creative, and talented new books and proposals out finding homes. This is one of the best parts about being an agent.
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