January 10th, 2005


Miss Manners says...

marikochan commented elsewhere:

I have a quick "query manners" question (unrelated to the post):

When receiving queries, how do you prefer to be addressed? "Dear Ms. Jennifer Jackson"? "Dear Jennifer Jackson"? "Dear Ms. Jackson"? Obviously correct spelling is a must, but is there any reason to choose one of those over the others (or is it simply a matter of the preference of the person reading?). My instinct is to go with "Dear Ms. Jackson," but I know many people can be sensitive about titles.

Thanks in advance, and I hope that's not too nitpicky of a question. =)

I don't really believe in nitpicky questions. And I suppose any of these suggestions would do for a business letter. I think "Dear Ms. Jackson" is probably the usual one, and, so far as I know, considered the norm in the professional world. My pet peeve? People who query me and use just my first name. Especially those who have never even so much as met me. Or people who query me and use the wrong name - yeah, it happens. Bad mail merge and/or lack of proofreading. No biscuit.
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