December 16th, 2004


a theoretical situation

Last Christmas I really wasn't in a position to do something like this. There were a few people I could ask - but not the wider sampling I might get here (if I'm lucky). This is for the writers out there....

Imagine that you've written and finished a novel. You've sent out queries, and had a partial requested by a literary agent. Unbeknownst to you, that partial has been read and assessed. It's barely a week before Christmas/Solstice/whatever. If the agent is interested in reading more of your work, getting the letter would likely improve your outlook (unless you haven't finished the manuscript, that is - in which case, the holiday might include rewriting panic). However, suppose the agent has decided not to pursue the work. Would you prefer to get that letter during the holiday season and have those days to regroup and/or send out more submissions, or would it ruin your sense of holiday spirit and just be royally depressing? Rejection is never desirable, but it is worse at this time of year?
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