November 30th, 2004


papercut after papercut

Another one of those day-in-the-literary-agent's-life entries:

In office by quarter past 8 or so:
*read (and answered some) emails that had accumulated overnight
*read and replied to queries
*did filing
*updated Amazon cart for Christmas shopping
*read synopsis from client for option book and sent comments
*read two client proposals (comments to be done tomorrow)
*closed three book deal that has been in the works for three weeks!
-lunch break (20 minutes)-
*appointment scheduled for second phase of piano repair - hurrah!
*marketing: 1 YA, 1 mystery/thriller, 2 books to overseas agents, 1 historical
*logged new submissions
*reviewed and made notes on 2 contracts (hopefully will finish that tomorrow)
*post office run
-dinner break-
*unpacked office supplies delivered earlier
*2 hours cleaning out filing cabinet to make more room

Best line from a query today: I confess with my head held high that I am a "publishing virgin". However, that doesn't mean I'm inept between the sheets (of paper, that is!).

And, now, to read myself to sleep....
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