November 15th, 2004


a-conventioning I did go

Spent the weekend at something called Crimebake. I was given to understand it was only their 3rd such conference. The first had about 60 members; they are now pushing 200. I blame this partially on their marvelous choices for guests. (Besides me, Robert B. Parker AKA the Floor Show was there. I found this amusing because I've only attended two mystery-oriented conferences this year -- the other was Sleuthfest -- and he was GoH at both.)

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I think I'll only be getting into things slowly today. I really wish I could take the day off since I worked through the weekend but I've far too much to do. I need to finish drafting a contract. I need to write up some editorial notes to clients. I need to keep (finish?) negotiating a deal that's been on the table since Wednesday. And I need to come up with descriptions for my presentations at a conference in the spring. I also need to mop the kitchen floor.
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