November 11th, 2004


thanks for the help yesterday

To everyone who replied to yesterday's request for assistance, thank you. Some very good ideas. It was so hard to choose a winner. *g* However, I just spent some time on the phone with the coordinator of the retreat discussing this and it looks like I'll be doing the following (though I have to spiffy them up with solid descriptions and come up with zingy hook-ful titles):

For the fireside chat: Turns out I'll be in the "Fiction House" -- and I'm going to do something about "agent instinct." Going beyond quantifying plot, character, setting, prose, etc. as elements of good fiction and trying to find what really attracts an agent on the gut level.

For the workshop: A "matchmaking" presentation -- or what are you looking for in an agent and how do your find it? May also include some discussion of what makes a good agent.

There are lots of interesting things in yesterday's comments, and on those rare occasions when I'm avoiding something particularly tedious (like, say, filing or accounting), I might come back to these and poke at them. Maybe even post some thoughts to my journal. I do know that I can tell scarletbronte that I am a single malt (neat) kind of person and highly doubt that I'll ever drink a Cosmo, shaken or otherwise. *smile* For the moment, though, I need to prep for the conference I'm leaving for tomorrow.
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