November 10th, 2004


a little help here...

I'm stuck. So I thought I'd throw out a line with some bait and see if I caught anything. Next spring I'll be attending a writers retreat in which I will do something called a "fireside chat." As I understand it, this is a somewhat informal gathering. "Great opportunity for people to ask in-depth questions, explore issues.... Fireside chats are based on a group with one or two presenters; the group is capped at 20 people and some fireside chat houses have only a dozen attendees." So, here's the thing. I'm stuck on coming up with a theme. 2004 sessions in the category I've been assigned to included the following:

Breaking In
Facing Rejection
Finding an Agent
How to Hook Editors

What I'm looking to catch here is some ideas on what the writers out there would find most beneficial in this kind of format in terms of topic and presentation from an agent. And I'm trying to think of something that isn't the same-old, same-old that shows up at every conference. Any takers?

And now I'm really going to pause and have some lunch. Or I'll be soon running into dinner....

Edit at 2:10pm - Oh, and apparently I need to do a panel presentation as well. So, if you were a writer going to a retreat, what would you find the most useful topic? And, now - really! - some lunch.
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