October 28th, 2004


options means choices

Well, *that* was depressing. I just got off the phone with a client who had an option proposal turned down. This is the second such phone call I have had to make today. The first one wasn't nearly as bad. Mostly, I think, because I somewhat agreed with the editor's comments there, and because the editor expressed a very sincere interest in helping the author rework the proposal into something bigger and better. And the author - somewhat of a veteran at this point - with more than half a dozen titles in two different genres published - rose to the challenge. That one should evolve and develop and work out in the end. This more recent one, though, just didn't leave me feeling all that good. I'm not sure I agree with the editor's comments - or at least not all of them, in any case. And the author, who has sold only one book and not even seen it hit the shelves yet, took it much harder, I think. Crumbs.

On the good news side - I did a two book deal today. That was pretty darn great because the author had only submitted a proposal for one book. And we weren't expecting to hear back for at least two more weeks. The author was certainly more than pleased (said we made a great team *smile*), and that made me feel darn good. So, a very different outcome there for another option book.
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