October 11th, 2004


it's only words after all

Taking a few minutes away from the huge pile of reading I had set as my afternoon task, I was quickly looking through some things online and what I can only call an Amazon flame-war was brought to my attention. I've certainly seen some good reviews and some bad reviews of my clients - both on Amazon and elsewhere, but never anything quite like the, er, conversation concerning Anne Rice's _Blood Canticle_. I read the first 3 vampire books and one of the Mayfair books back in college. I think I also read the mummy book. I've never had the time to read any more (my TBR pile covers three floor to ceiling bookshelves and then some - and that's not counting the manuscripts and proposals). I also mostly grew out of my vampire phase. In any case, I remember enjoying the books, and it was about the same time that I had started playing in my first World of Darkness game, so the idea of a sympathetic vampire worked for me. Since then, I've occasionally seen reviews of Anne Rice's work and friends have mentioned reading some of her more recent books - their reactions seem to be mixed. Honestly, I don't know if I'd go out and add one to my ever-encroaching TBR pile at this point.

On September 6th, Anne Rice apparently felt compelled to reply to the various reviews. You can read the whole thing if you care to page down that far, but here's what caught my eye:

"I have no intention of allowing any editor ever to distort, cut, or otherwise mutilate sentences that I have edited and re-edited, and organized and polished myself. I fought a great battle to achieve a status where I did not have to put up with editors making demands on me, and I will never relinquish that status. For me, novel writing is a virtuoso performance. It is not a collaborative art."

An interesting perspective.
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