October 1st, 2004


the oldest profession at least has a paycheck

While sitting 'round with friends post-ACN (Sunday night), there was some discussion of media projects. This was, of course, brought on by the mention of the much-loved books being released by iBooks as "prequels" to the Amber books. In any case, we covered a wide range of projects, from the Marvel novels to Star Trek to Buffy.... In answer to one question that came up as to why writers who have published original books succumb to the (often) outrageous deadlines and the gymnastics required by the licensors, I, of course, cited the issue of needing to pay the mortgage or send the kids to college. In case anyone was still disbelieving the impact these books could have on an author's income, I'd just like to mention that I'm currently reviewing a contract for a work-for-hire on which the author might not even get cover credit. The advance is three times what the author got for their first original novel, and not quite double what they are getting on their 9th original novel.
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where's that bottle of scotch?

A veritable pile of book-related drinking games on this forum thread here. I especially like "The Secondhand Mass Market Horror Paperback drinking game." And I thought the query-letter drinking game I've been developing was enough. Though I might like to see a fantasy cliche drinking game or something. You know....

Drink when....

....the farmboy discovers he's the secret child of the last high king.
....the name of the fantasy setting is unpronounceable using human vocal cords and impossible to spell
....[insert favorite, or least favorite, fantasy cliche here]

Yeah, yeah....ways to amuse one's self on a Friday night while avoiding reading manuscripts. Heh.
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