April 5th, 2004


Too cool not to crow....

From the 4/5/2004 issue of Publisher's Weekly:

"Within the more traditional boundaries of the genre, Groell says she's been seeing a lot of manuscripts that deal with global warming. In June, Bantam will release a hardcover novel that centers on the issue: Forty Signs of Rain by veteran SF writer Kim Stanley Robinson. The book is the first in a trilogy of eco-thrillers from the author of the Mars Trilogy. Another futuristic trilogy that mixes ecology and politics is tentatively set to debut next January with Hammered by first-time novelist Elizabeth Bear. The book imagines a world in which the U.S. has all but destroyed itself and Canada has become a superpower."

Yep -- that's our very own eBear. In the same paragraph with Kim Stanley Robinson. Not bad company and nice to get a mention in PW before the book is even that far into production. Woot!