March 9th, 2004


a day in the life

Brought on by a conversation with tryslora last night in which she mentioned while we were discussing the woes of market research for submissions, that she had much more appreciation for what I did now than she did even a few years ago. We exchanged a few brief comments about all the different kinds of things agents do and how unaware people can be about it. So, herewith evidence that I do not spend my whole day: "bestowing representation to unworthy writers from on high and waving my magic agent wand to produce a contract" (as it was once described to me *grin*).

In office just after 8am.
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And now signing off to treat myself to dinner out with mcurry after a hard day's work. Disclaimer: This is a representative day in terms of its variety and chaos, though not necessarily in terms of its tasks, which often vary wildly. Not a hard day. Not an easy day. Not those long sought after reading days (which I cherish but take so rarely now). And I'm sure since I was taking only the briefest moments to add to the list that not all the items above will be entirely understandable. *wry smile* So, my apologies for anything that lacks in clarity.
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