March 8th, 2004


Moment of amusement...

I got one of those reports on last year's annual spending today...and thought it worth a giggle or three that my membership in the Romance Writers of America happens to be accounted for under "recreation" -- yeah, right. Oddly, my membership to TorCon (the World Science Fiction convention for those as reads this and doesn't know) is listed under "mail order". And you don't want to know how much I spent on "services" - which has only one entry *not* atttributed to the United States Postal Service. Wow, I do indeed send a lot of mail. (This part doesn't surprise me so much - in the local post office they know me by name, anticipate the cookie delivery at Christmas time, and no one has to ask me my post box number when I have a package slip. Heh.)
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